is the callsign of a German amateur radio station)

    photo of operator

      Name of operator: Hugo Wolf, born in 1942 y;
      Qth: Halle/Saale, Locator JO51AM;
      Packet-Radio (AX25): not in use
      Internet (TCP/IP): call(via)darc.de
      Qrv on shortwaves, also on vhf and uhf;
      Ads: Hoellweg 22, D-06118 Halle/S.
      Tel.Nr. 0049 345 / 5 22 65 47

    Some further informations:

    Radioamateur since 1966,
    Calls: dm3jch / dm2frh / y26rh / dl2hrh;
    1990 to April 2009: Member of the DARC's District Managing Committee of Saxony-Anhalt (treasurer)
    Member of the Radioclub at the Martin-Luther-University Halle; DOK: W35;
    Profession: Elektrical engineer (Dipl.Ing.(FH)).

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    I hope to meet you on the air!  - With best regards
                Hugo, dl2hrh

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    1 the "webmaster" of this homepage
    2 some photographies
    3 some activities
    4 links to other radiostations
    5 links to software downloads
    6 Informationen zu "LOG-Projekt"
    7 Diplome des Distriktes Sachsen-Anhalt
    8 DOK-Liste Sachsen-Anhalt
    9 Termine im Distrkt Sachsen-Anhalt
    10 Aktivitätsconteste Distr. H, S, W
    11 Linkfrequenzen des Satelitten P3D
    (AO - 40)
    12 Ferien in Sachsen-Anhalt
    Schuljahr 2010 / 2011 bis 2013 / 2014
    13 Der Digipeater DB0MLU
    14 Internationale Raumstation
    15 EME in Dessau mit 10m-Spiegel
    16 Treff-Frequenzen im Distrikt "W"
    17 Amsat-Oskar-Echo
    18 Frequenzen aktiver Afu-Satelliten
    19 Diplom 1200 Jahre Stadt Halle
    20 Amsat-DL Mission P3E
    21 Amsat-DL Mission P5A
    22 Relais DB0PET Petersberg

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